Don Olivan Inside Out

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Don Olivan Inside Out

While doing a cigar rotation to one of my humidors, I came across of 3 wrapper leaves, 1 binder leaf and 1 filler leaf. At the same time I was listening to an all song that popped on my laptop: "What is love". Immediately the movie: "A night at the Roxbury" came to mind, and gave me the idea about my new creation. For those who watched the movie, probably already know what I am about to say, and for those who never watched; the movie, it is about 2 brothers that always wanted to get into a nightclub, but always were denied to go in. At the end, the 2 brothers build their own nightclub, making the inside looking like the outside, and the outside looking like the inside.

Well, that's what I did with my newest creation. Call me crazy, call me dreamer, call me genius. Only time will tell.

A beautiful 52X5.5 

Wrapper: It is Olor Dominicano Binder.

Binder: It is Criollo 98 Filler.

Filler: Are San Andres, Sumatra & Habano Wrappers.